Presenter "To Do" List

Required Documentation:
ACCME guidelines mandate disclosure of any financial conflict of interest within the last 12 months for all presenters including his or her spouse/partner. All speakers, panel members, planning committee members, moderators and persons making introductions must complete and sign the “Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships” form.

In addition, speakers and panel members must return the “Faculty Compliance Statement” checklist.

All forms are due no later than two weeks prior to the program in order to ensure full compliance.


Speaker Credit
IUSM awards CME credit to presenters based on AMA guidelines. For each presentation, panel discussion or Q/A segment in which you participate, you will be awarded twice the credit time indicated on the agenda.

Speaker Attendee Credit
If you plan to attend other presentations at this event, please complete the “Faculty CME Credit Request” form by indicating the presentations you plan to attend other than your own and return it to the CME office so that you will receive credit for your attendance.

Syllabus Material
CME participant surveys and evaluations we’ve received indicate that participants greatly appreciate a comprehensive syllabus. Suggested items for inclusion in the course syllabus are:

  • The objectives of your presentation
  • Extended outline of your presentation, and/or
  • A copy of your slide presentation

Please email your handout/slides to the meeting coordinator noted in your packet. Select your meeting coordinator’s name as “recipient.” The sooner we have your materials the more time we will have to review them; however, all handouts/materials are due no later than three weeks prior to your presentation. If you prefer to mail your material, please include a CD in PowerPoint or Word format.

Audiovisual Needs
If you have audiovisual equipment needs for your presentation, please complete the “Audio/Visual Needs” form and fax or mail it with your other documentation.

Guidelines for Presentations
All presentations must be balanced and free from bias, following the guidelines set forth by the FDA, the AMA and ACCME. Please view the “Policy on Content and Format” under the Best Practices section of our website for detailed information.

Speaker Document Checklist

Document Deadline Means of Return
Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships (completed and signed) 2 weeks prior to presentation Fax or Mail to: Meeting Coordinator
Faculty Compliance Statement (completed and signed) 2 weeks prior to presentation Fax or Mail to: Meeting Coordinator
Audio/Visual Needs Form (completed) 2 weeks prior to presentation Fax or Mail to: Meeting Coordinator
Faculty CME Credit Request Form (completed) 2 weeks prior to presentation Fax or Mail to: Meeting Coordinator
Syllabus Material (prepared according to guidelines) 3 weeks prior to presentation Upload, Email or Mail to: Meeting Coordinator


Contact Information

Phone: (317) 274-0104
Fax: (317) 274-5182

Mail: IU School of Medicine
   Division of CME
   1110 W. Michigan Street, LO 401
   Indianapolis, IN 46202

Questions concerning forms or syllabus materials:
Contact the Meeting Coordinator associated with the course.

Sending Large Files
From time to time you will need to send PowerPoint presentations and other documents to your event coordinator. Our preferred way of receiving such items is via e-mail. If by chance you cannot do so because your file(s) is too large, we have alternative methods for receiving such files. Please contact your event coordinator to learn how if you are unable to send a file via regular e-mail.

Division of Continuing Medical Education
410 W. 10th Street, HS 2100 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Phone: (317) 274-0104 | Fax: (317) 274-5182