FAQs for Presenters

Content Objectivity

How do I know if IUSM CME programs are scientific, objective and free of commercial bias?
    1. IUSM CME is responsible for CME content and reviews speakers’ content prior to the activity.
    2. All speakers must sign a faculty compliance statement.
    3. All speakers must sign a disclosure form of relevant financial relationships.
    4. A chart of speakers’ financial disclosures is distributed at each CME course.
For more information on CME content, financial disclosures, and resolving conflicts of interest, please visit our Statement on Content Objectivity and CME Expectations pages.  

Speaker Information

What forms are required for reimbursement?

Honoraria Payments of $1,000 or less:  

Honoraria Payments above $1,000 but less than $5,000:

  • In advance of the event, the speaker must complete the Vendor Information Packet with includes a W-9 and DV Payee Certification form, unless the person is already on file as a purchase order vendor.
  • Copy of the letter or email sent to the speaker to arrange for presentation, which must include a statement about the agreed upon dollar amount of the honorarium.

How far in advance is my disclosure information due?
No later than two weeks prior to the event date.

How far in advance is article information needed?
    At least three weeks in advance of the event date.

Do I need copyright clearance for published articles?
    Users should obtain permission from the copyright owner (usually the first author of journal articles). For more information on copyrights, please visit the IU Copyright Center.

Who do I contact for more information?
    To download forms, access guidelines or view other information pertaining to speakers, please click here or contact the meeting coordinator noted in your speaker letter.

Course Development

I would like to plan a CME event, who do I contact?
    Please contact the CME office at 317-274-0104 or email Kim Denny at for information and assistance.

What forms are available for download to help with developing a CME program?
    Numerous course planning forms are available by visiting the Event Development  section of this website.  For your convenience, the application is available here: IUSM CME Application and Planning Worksheet.

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