FAQs for Attendees


Where do I mail my registration form?

Continuing Medical Education
410 W. 10th Street, HS 2100
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Where do I fax a registration form?

Fax Line: 317-274-4638 or 317-274-5182

What are the payment options?

VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted online. Checks should be made payable to "Indiana University" and are accepted in advance and at the conference site. We also can invoice you or your company upon request.  

Can I get a discount for registering in advance?

Discounts are often available for early registration. Please check the course brochure for details.

How can I cancel a course registration and get a refund?

All CME brochures/flyers state the cancellation policy for each course and include the dates and refund amounts.  If, in the rare case that a course is cancelled by IUSM CME, our liability is limited to the registration fee(s) paid.

How do I register online for another person?

Secure the username and password from that person and complete the registration process as if you were the other person.

When will I receive my CME certificate?

Live activity attendees: Certificates for the amount of time you have attended the activity are emailed 3-6 weeks after the event has occurred. Partial credit is given for partial time and your certificate will be emailed to you for this as well. 
RSS: CME certificates are not issued. Once the sign-in rosters are received your attendance is recorded and you can pull your credit summary/transcript under the "MyCME" tab above. 
Enduring Materials: CME certificate will be emailed to you about 2-4 weeks after you complete the activity and/or upon receipt of your CME form.

Are there more detailed login instructions?

Yes, our login help document can be found by clicking here.

Who do I call if I have problems registering for a course online?

If you still need assistance after reviewing the login help document, please contact our registrar at (317) 274-0104 or toll-free at (888) 615-8013. 


CME Credit

IUSM is ACCME accredited to provide CME for physicians with AMA PRA Category 1 credits™.

Can nurses and allied health workers receive CEU credit?

For IU Health Nursing Programs: Yes, CEU credit is available for nurses.

 For IUSM Courses: No, CEU credit is not available, however nurses and allied health workers can attend courses and receive certificates of attendance. Then, you will need to contact your governing body to ascertain if they will accept the credits. (The answer is typically yes.)

What distance learning CME courses are available?

Like many providers we are experimenting with many tools to provide distance learning and our offerings in this area continue to grow.  To find a list of online activities available please visit the Enduring Materials section of our website.

IU Visiting Professor Program – For opportunities located outside of Indianapolis, contact our Visiting Professor Program coordinator at (317) 274-0104. For more information about the program please click here.


Credit Summaries

How can I receive my CME credit summary/ transcript? 

Please visit our credit summary/transcript page under the "MyCME" tab and follow the instructions.

Why do I need to verify my CME credit summary? 

Verify your credit summary to ensure the credits and data are accurate, especially in reporting for privileges. Turn around time to record credits is usually a few days after the course date. For your personal security, only attendees can access his/her credit summary.

My credit summary is not accurate, why? 

Please note that there are two common reasons for inaccurate credit transcripts:

First, the data is not yet in the system. Sometimes there is a time delay between you taking a course and it being reflected in our system. For example, live courses will be posted faster than “Grand Round” type activities.

Second, you are in our system more than once. It is important that you consistently use the same email when registering for courses. This is the unique identifier that we use to tie your course history together. As a result, if you register for a course with your IU address and then turn around and register for a second course with your gmail address you would be treated as two different people. Again, you can change your preferred email at any time by updating your profile. To correct this problem, please call or email our registrar (317-274-0104 or and request to add your email address to your profile. Alternatively, the email address associated with your attendance records may be different than the login email address.

Are there more detailed login instructions? 

Yes, our login help document can be found by clicking here.


Course Surveys

Do I have to complete a survey in order to receive my CME credits? 

No, you do not have to complete a survey. However, your comments will greatly assist us with the development of future courses.


Travel Information

What time zone and where? 

Indianapolis is on Eastern Standard Time (EST). Please click here for more information.

City of Indianapolis Information

Indianapolis City Government
Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association
Campus Information 

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Special Accommodations

I have a disability and want info on accommodations?

We want everyone to feel welcome at our CME events. If you have a disability and need an accommodation to participate, please contact the CME office (72 hours in advance of the event) at 317-274-0104 to schedule accommodations.



How will my donations be used by the Division of CME?

Your generous gift will help us cover the costs associated with programs and services targeted to the continuing medical education needs of physicians. To make a donation or learn more about the process, please visit our donation page here.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, donations are tax deductible, Indiana University School is a 501-C-3 organization.


Removal from CME mailing list

How can I remove my name from the CME mailing list?

Your name will be removed from the list by returning your IUSM CME mail to:

    Continuing Medical Education
    410 W. 10th Street, HS 2100
    Indianapolis, IN 46202


Resource Links

What resources are available to me within the city and state?

Please visit our miscellaneous links page here.

Division of Continuing Medical Education
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