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Please note we will be undergoing a system change and will be offline from December 1-4. During this time we will be unable to process registrations, award credit, or access learner's transcripts. On December 5 we will be online again with our new system. Please be patient with us as we transition on December 5. If you need immediate assistance or have questions please contact

If you need proof of your participation in an IUSM Division of Continuing Medical Education accredited activity for licensure, hospital affiliation, insurance or tenure/promotion, a credit summary or transcript is the preferred method for proof of your participation. For your convenience, we have made it easy for you to acquire and print the information at anytime.

To access your credit transcript please follow the instructions below. Your transcript should accurately reflect all your earned CME credits via the IUSM CME for that time period. If it does not, please contact Debbie Graham at (317) 274-0104 or send an email to

Please note that there are two common reasons for inaccurate credit transcripts:

  • First, the data is not yet in the system. Sometimes there is a time delay between you taking a course and it being reflected in our system. For example, live courses will be posted faster than “Grand Round” type activities.
  • Second, you are in our system more than once. It is important that you consistently use the same email when registering for courses. This is the unique identifier that we use to tie your course history together. As a result, if you register for a course with your IU address and then turn around and register for a second course with your gmail address you would be treated as two different people. Again, you can change your preferred email at any time by updating your profile.

Need help logging into our system, please click here for detailed instructions.

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