MyCME Account

This section of our website is designed to help physicians with their personal CME accounts.  For example, if you have ever taken a CME activity from us you should be able to access your credit transcript.  For your convenience, we have three MyCME tools.

  • Get Transcript -- this is the tool you use to access and print proof of taken a course(s).
  • Change Profile -- this is the tool you use to update your profile at IUSM CME. For example, update your address, phone, email, and/or change your password.
  • Get Certificate -- this is the tool you use to print a certificate for a particular course.  For many, certificates and transcripts seem to serve the same purpose. We disagree, you should use the transcript feature if you want proof of attending a course. You should use the certificate feature if you want something to frame and display on your wall.

If you have questions or need help on any of these tools please consider visiting our FAQ page for attendees.

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