Visiting Professor

The Visiting Professor Program managed by the Division of Continuing Medical Education at the Indiana University School of Medicine provides hospitals throughout the state with access to colleagues with special expertise in a variety of medical fields. Through our one-call-arranges-it-all system, these medical professionals can speak at a hospital, sharing expertise and exchanging viewpoints.

How it Works

To request a presenter, please use the Visiting Professor Program Request Form. Our office will contact a requested speaker, or choose one to meet the topic need, and set up the presentation on the date selected. If the requested presenter is not available on that date, we can provide alternate speakers or alternate dates. Once all arrangements are complete, you will receive a confirmation letter.

Approximately 150 faculty representing 17 departments covering 500 diverse topics are available to meet the continuing medical educational needs of hospitals throughout the state. In addition to the listing on this webpage, an Excel spreadsheet of the same information is available upon request by calling our office at (317) 274-4220.

The Hospital's Role

The host hospital plays an important part in assuring the success of a Visiting Professor activity by:

  • making room arrangements,
  • meeting the speaker on the day of the presentation,
  • setting up appropriate AV equipment,
  • publicizing the presentation,
  • providing maps and parking information to our office prior to the presentation, and
  • providing honoraria if appropriate.

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