Performance Improvement CME (PI CME) is a relatively new CME format that redesigns traditional CME from an outcomes orientation, drawn from quality improvement methodology. PI CME implements the core CME best practices (of needs assessment, instructional design and development, and evaluation of learner results) in the context of the core quality-improvement practice.

This CME model strives for learning that better translates into improved patient outcomes. PI CME activities involve structured, long-term processes by which physicians can learn about specific performance measures that will allow them to quantify the quality of a selected aspect of care, assess their own practice using these measures, implement and measure a practice change intervention with their own patients, and evaluate the results of that change.

A complete PI CME activity integrates three stages:

  1. Assess current practice using identified performance measures;
  2. Conduct an intervention in practice based on the performance measures;
  3. Re-evaluate and reflect on the performance in practice.


PI CME learning activities offer a maximum of 5.0 category 1 credits for each of the three stages that physicians complete. An additional 5.0 credits may be awarded to physicians who complete all three stages, for a total of 20.0 category 1 credits.

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